The world is being hit by the most dangerous disease of the century. Many people panic and holidaymakers rethinking summer vacation plans. Anyone would think twice before taking a long-awaited break anywhere out of their own house.

The travel industry is facing a challenging period. How to make people maintain social distance in such areas as a lobby, elevator, public pools or restaurants, how to arrange property cleaning/disinfection of all rooms and public places. How to serve food?

These tasks look insolvable, but things are different at private villas. They might become your second house a secured holiday home. There is simply no sharing of any part of a holiday home with any other guest but limited interaction with the trained staff.

This means private holiday villas are safer in the current scenario. Of course, when hygienic, well cleaned and sanitized.

And we have got your covered on this.

— all staff is trained to wear masks at all times at the property

— staff is trained to sanitize hands and feet before entering the property

— all guest temperature is checked upon arrival and departure

— two weeks travel history of guests is maintained

— villas are regularly cleaned with disinfectants and European standard UV Light air purifiers (which are used at hospitals to kill germs, viruses, and bacterias) READ MORE

-villas are aired at least three hours between check-in and check out

-all linen and pillows are washed at high temperature between guests (towels and linen is ironed as well)

-crockery and cutlery is boiled for at least 10 minutes between change of guests

Moreover, staying in the independent property you will be able to enjoy such facilities and services as

— total privacy

— personalized services including a villa manager and housekeepers

Why to share your home with a stranger?

Travelling can be safe. Book your villa today and enjoy the VIP holiday in Pattaya.